Estimating Values

I tend to paint extra dark because watercolor dries lighter. When I start out, I am quite aware of this fact, but I am guided by my intuition and paint lighter values actually accurately. But over the course of painting next layers, I make a mistake of layering darker values over the initial layer. That’sContinue reading “Estimating Values”

Boundless and limitless

It is sort of a longing that lives forever in my mind. The sight of a boundless meadow surrounded by limitless mountain ranges. Such a landscape is an assurance that something larger than life exists. I had to carefully use the color application technique in this one. Didn’t want to show everything flat for theContinue reading “Boundless and limitless”

Fine line between the realistic and the abstract

I used a subject of a distant hill to experiment with colors, technique and style. I really wanted to stick to using just the pure pigments. No layering; not too much mixing either. I did use a lot of pure pigment for sure. The first attempt was more of an abstract while the next oneContinue reading “Fine line between the realistic and the abstract”

Beyond the horizon

After seeing the beauty of the Willapa Bay in Oregon, I just had to paint the magnificence of nature that my eyes couldn’t get enough of. In every direction I looked, I was reminded of the holy principle working on this earth.