Faith and dedication

Can you take up a 7-day walking pilgrimage to a place of devotion without carrying any essential supplies and rely on the kindness of strangers to sustain during those 7 days? Well, this couple I met was doing that. They are the devotees. Even though they could afford the supplies, they asked for bhiksha (donation,Continue reading “Faith and dedication”

Boundless and limitless

It is sort of a longing that lives forever in my mind. The sight of a boundless meadow surrounded by limitless mountain ranges. Such a landscape is an assurance that something larger than life exists. I had to carefully use the color application technique in this one. Didn’t want to show everything flat for theContinue reading “Boundless and limitless”

Improving with the figurative style

I underwent a lot of thinking process and planning process before I painted this subject. By the second day of the painting process, I was exhausted. But I love the focus on the figures I have achieved. I am hoping the process will become easier for me down the road. The subject is about MarathiContinue reading “Improving with the figurative style”


The idol was in front of him actually. But when it comes to the devotion, can the devotee and the object of devotion be separate? I had to break the rules of drawing a Perspective and change the angle of the idol to depict this fact. This man is a regular visitor at the templeContinue reading “Devotion”

Balancing the foreground

Every now and then I get a bit of a shock when during my painting process, I get a feeling that, what I thought would be an easy project is not turning out to be an easy one. The above painting had large shapes that are easy to paint; but that part didn’t help me.Continue reading “Balancing the foreground”

Reflections that shine

When the light falls on objects across from the dark glass window, the window shows reflections that are abstract. But they are something you keep staring at. I aimed to capture the reflection of a shiny building in the window. The red color of the building added interest. Also, the plastic partition meant for covidContinue reading “Reflections that shine”

I think, therefore I am. – (René Descartes)

I tend to think a lot before I paint. Also, this pose location in the photo had a source of back light as well as some natural light. It required an interesting color scheme that made me think more before I painted. I tried to paint self portrait seriously for the first time. (And IContinue reading “I think, therefore I am. – (René Descartes)”