Not so limited palette

I want to be able to say more with less. But I am too conscious and too careful when I go from a rough study to a more detailed work. So I end up with an exactly opposite result.

With this series, I was experimenting with going away from limited palette. The road in the foreground being in the shadow could be dealt by veering away from the focus subject palette, so I used this subject.

Approaching Chalane (2) © Shilpa Bhadsavle

I painted and I liked how the colors looked in it. However, I was not sure if the viewer was able to enjoy the trees on the hill very well. So I painted another study – Study 2.

Approaching Chalane Study 2 © Shilpa Bhadsavle.

I now loved the colors as well as the trees in my study. I was ready to create a final painting. My resulting painting became elaborate. The simplicity of the study was lost in the final version, I think. What do you think?

Approaching Chalane 5 © Shilpa Bhadsavle

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