Evening Glow Organic Shapes

Bergenia plant is not very tall. What is exquisite about it is its flowers are in a bunch that has a very organic shape. What’s even more attractive about this plant is the 2 impossible colors combined together. Magenta and Orange red. The colors glow in the evening light; and so, the name of theContinue reading “Evening Glow Organic Shapes”

Fall Splendor

The trees have stopped cooking food. But it is a visual candy-land to the viewers! I can’t help it but paint yet another of the fall scene. Although my preference is to paint yellow colors of fall, on my walk this week I saw these brilliant red trees lit up with sun and offered meContinue reading “Fall Splendor”

Painted Skies

By far, I find that painting skies using watercolors is a project full of highest nuances. How much water, how quickly and how efficiently controlled; and not to mention pigments, mixing, and layering variables. I try everything because I am learning. I wanted to get the dynamic sky at sunset I had seen. I mayContinue reading “Painted Skies”

Steep Gables

I absolutely love looking at the steep gable roofs constructed in the snowy regions of the northeast. Their size is bulkier than the structure itself. Funnily they become lighter at once when they have these little windows jutting out of them. Makes me want to sit by those windows and cuddle up with a book!

Problem with purples

Blue and purple flowers when located in shade or under cloudy skies have been difficult to paint for me. I remember once spending a lot of time on purple irises without a desired outcome. When I saw a shrub totally full of purple flowers last week, I decided to give it a try again. IContinue reading “Problem with purples”

Under the maple in fall

I saw something magical. There was rain and mist in the air, and I was standing under the maple that had mosses growing on it. Usually, it would be pretty gloomy. But the little light that was falling made the ferns shine and the fall colors of maple gave the scene a dreamy look.

Secluded Habitat

Angle of light is everything with watercolors. It is easy when the subject of the painting is well lit. But when the light falls from the gaps formed by tall trees it is not easy to determine which are the shaded areas and which are the lit ones; so the final result was a mysteryContinue reading “Secluded Habitat”

Tranquil Grazing

A place that’s calming either outdoors or indoors. What else could it be but an expansive or remote pasture? After all, herding was a profession of many spiritually advanced beings who have walked on this earth including Krishna and Jesus. This tranquility is very attractive. The least I can do is try to paint suchContinue reading “Tranquil Grazing”

Abstract + Self Portrait

Facebook challenge topic by NWWS for the Day 4 of 14 was ‘Abstract Self Portrait. I was so excited to take this on! But I soon realized it was the most difficult challenge so far. I had never dabbled into a creating a large abstract piece. On top of that, a self portrait! It tookContinue reading “Abstract + Self Portrait”

Natural and Artificial Light

I have been wanting to paint a scene of a dawn I had captured on my camera 6 years ago. I finally had a courage to paint a scene that depicts both; the natural and an artificial light. I had to think of everything in detail for this one. I planned what values will goContinue reading “Natural and Artificial Light”