The Absolute

The depiction of Lord Ganesha with an adorable sitting posture, and a kind smile, and laddoos has a well won over place in devotees hearts. It will always be there. However; during this year’s Ganesha festival, I have been thinking. What symbolizes as an Absolute and what we look up to for removing obstacles, hasContinue reading “The Absolute”

Ancient Indian Art and Dyes

I recently learned about the dyes and painting styles of ancient India. There have been so many formal and many more informal traditional styles and I was truly enamored by them. In the modern age, I feel the techniques could be kept with the new subjects added. I tried something along those lines. Right onContinue reading “Ancient Indian Art and Dyes”

Artist and model

I had it all figured out. I was going to paint the artist I saw at Montmartre market in Paris. Many years passed. Now I was ready to paint and realized that the character I thought was an artist was really a customer who wanted get his portrait painted! Unfortunately this only proved a pointContinue reading “Artist and model”

Never used pigments

The orchids were just a reference photo. They were mostly peach in color with bright green stems. What was challenging was to use three colors that were never been tried before by me. I used M. Graham Naphthol Red, Daniel Smith Payne’s Blue Gray, and Sennelier Caput Mortum. Totally random and never tried at all.Continue reading “Never used pigments”

Non-dominant hand floral

When a challenge involves what we think won’t work for us we may be surprised by our own performance! This challenge was to paint a floral with non dominant hand. What I didn’t realize was that the brain is giving the same instructions to both hands! My knowledge of watercolors still shows in this oneContinue reading “Non-dominant hand floral”

Tranquil Grazing

A place that’s calming either outdoors or indoors. What else could it be but an expansive or remote pasture? After all, herding was a profession of many spiritually advanced beings who have walked on this earth including Krishna and Jesus. This tranquility is very attractive. The least I can do is try to paint suchContinue reading “Tranquil Grazing”

Abstract + Self Portrait

Facebook challenge topic by NWWS for the Day 4 of 14 was ‘Abstract Self Portrait. I was so excited to take this on! But I soon realized it was the most difficult challenge so far. I had never dabbled into a creating a large abstract piece. On top of that, a self portrait! It tookContinue reading “Abstract + Self Portrait”

Grace outside my window.

I tend to focus on details, and I am trying to get away from that. Just aiming to show more of an impression. However; when the painting must show buildings, I have to focus on where the windows and shadows are. This can be a hinderance to a fast and free style though. Here isContinue reading “Grace outside my window.”

Focusing away from crisis

I have chosen to focus away from the current crisis during productive hours. So here is my new work. When I think of painting flowers in watercolors, I can never look at them as single subject. It is more in a landscape form that I think of them. Tulips in the midst of their surrounding.Continue reading “Focusing away from crisis”

Natural and Artificial Light

I have been wanting to paint a scene of a dawn I had captured on my camera 6 years ago. I finally had a courage to paint a scene that depicts both; the natural and an artificial light. I had to think of everything in detail for this one. I planned what values will goContinue reading “Natural and Artificial Light”